Plot Whisperer Martha Alderson and Literary Agent Jill Corcoran are here to support your author's journey

The Plot Whisperer Martha Alderson and Literary Agent Jill Corcoran are here to support your author's journey.

Concept Workshop
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"Once a manuscript leaves your desk, subject matter is the primary (and often only) way it is discussed. So if you haven’t figured out a quick way to answer that cringe-inducing question “What’s your book about?” in a way that interests other people, somebody else will. And that will be how the book is sold, how it’s marketed and publicized, and largely how it finds its way to  readers."  
Ted Thompson from his Salon post “I sold my book for $25,000″: A debut novelist’s experiment with radical honesty


In this hands-on workshop you will not only learn how to write your concept/logline/pitch but also have your concept critiqued by Literary Agent Jill Corcoran and Plot Whisperer Martha Alderson. 

To participate you must:

1)  Buy and Watch the PLOTWRIMO: REVISE YOUR NOVEL IN A MONTH 8-video series: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/reviseyournovelinamonth

2) Bring your written concept (for this workshop I am using the words concept/logline/pitch interchangably and will explain why in the class).

You may bring both your elevator pitch and your query pitch. 

3) Read your written concept to the group in the morning session and note Jill and Martha's critique.

4) Use the 12-1pm PDT Lunch/Writing Break to revise your concept.

5) Read your revised concept to the group in the afternoon session at which time Jill and Martha will again critique your work. 

Note: Each participant will receive 5 minutes in the morning session and 5 minutes in the afternoon session. 

Please know you will learn as much or more from listening to the critique of other writers' concept as your own --- meaning this is an intense day where you will be listening and learning from every authors' concept critique:)

Final Note: Please sign-up for zoom.us at http://zoom.us/signup and make sure this technology works for you before signing up for the class.