Nicole Marshall is a 28 year old woman from Gainsville Florida. As a child she grew up on a farm that backed up to the swmp. These two areas are what she has grown to love which is farm animals and swamp critters.

While growing up in Gainsville Nicole often visited a lot of areas around the southeast. Her favorite being a small town in the Florida Panhandle known as Pensacola. The beach, the night life, the camp grounds often excited Nicole while visting Pensacola. She would walk out to the water from her families tent in the morings just to watch the beautiful sunrise over the Gulf Of Mexico.

While in Pensacola she found a new passion for saltwater fishing. She loved waking up early going out to the Gulf and catching her favorite fish like pompano and spanish mackerel. She also just loved being on the beach. Even if she didn’t catch anything she would still come home with a smile on her face.

Nicole is a writer for because she wants to share her stories and information. This blog will have a ton of different types of writings from her journey through small business’ or her great life in the outdoors of Florida and the other great states of America. Thanks and hope you enjoy!